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New Products: ASME Pressure Vessels

New Products:  ASME Pressure Vessels
New Products:  ASME Pressure Vessels

Excalibur is proud to announce that it has been involved in a complete upgrade of its design and build capabilities. This process included:   Read More

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Excalibur Machine strives to be the premier maintenance service facility specializing in innovative methods of repair and refurbishment of manufacturing equipment.   Read More

KMA Manufacturing


Pittsburgh Annealing Box, Inc. began its record of quality service to American Industry back in 1893 when the first Annealing boxes were forged, welded and riveted. As the oldest company in this field, Pittsburgh Annealing Box, Inc. has designed and introduced more innovations in annealing covers than any other manufacturer.

When Pittsburgh Annealing Box, Inc. started in business, heavy cast iron boxes, weighing as much as eight to ten tons, were all that were available to the industry. Pittsburgh Annealing Box, Inc. introduced an annealing box fabricated from heavy plate, forge welded, which not only substantially reduced the weight of the box, but also increased its life. Over the years, with the introduction of portable furnaces, the company pioneered rectangular corrugated covers with panel heads, and bottom reinforcement, fabricated from mild steel plate.

In 1947 the light gauge stainless steel corrugated round annealing inner cover was introduced to the industry. This new design was vital to the development of high speed batch anneal furnaces for single and multiple stack installations. These covers proved to reduce annealing cycles, accelerated production and were reasonably maintenance free.

Over the years, PAB’s success has been based on the ability to anticipate and respond to the customer’s changing requirements. Today, the tradition continues...

KMA Manufacturing was founded in 2003 through the acquisition of Pittsburgh Annealing Box Company (PAB), a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of batch annealing components, in existence for over 100 years.  KMA expanded in 2005 by relocating its PAB factory to its Vanport, PA headquarters, just north of the Pittsburgh airport. With over 50,000 square feet of machining and fabrication space along with 100-ton lifting capacity, KMA could now offer its customers complete manufacture, modification and repair services and products. KMA primarily targets the iron & steel industry as its owners have decades of knowledge and experience in building and maintaining steel mills all over the world.  KMA now serves a wide variety of industries including aluminum, refractory, forging, smelting, refining, and mining.

In April 2008, KMA Manufacturing Inc. was reorganized as KMA Manufacturing, LLC with a significant capital infusion from Marubeni Group.  Marubeni Corporation together with Marubeni America Corporation acquired 95% ownership interest.  Marubeni Corporation is a leading trading firm with a worldwide business network, and their investment in KMA was made in the course of their strategy to expand business activity and develop more opportunity in the iron and steel industry, as well as other industries in North America.  Since the new KMA launched its operation as a Marubeni Group company, it has continued to extend reliable and credible services for its valuable customers with a primary view to grow a group of service providers in the metals related industries around the USA and other nearby regions.  

With the substantial capital injection into the new company, KMA’s plans to provide maintenance and repairs together with engineering and technical support will continue to grow.

 On September 3, 2014 Excalibur Machine & Fabrication completed its acquisition of the assets of KMA Manufacturing, LLC located in Vanport, Pennsylvania (approximately 30 miles northwest of  Pittsburgh and in close proximity to interstate 376). This strategic acquisition adds a 65,000 square foot ASME certified manufacturing facility with 100 ton lifting capacity to Excalibur’s operations significantly enhancing our ability to provide customers a full scope of steel processing, machining, fabricating and assembly services.


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